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Shelter Clay Products Ltd, a subsidiary of Urban Shelter Ltd, was acquired in 1993 for the purpose of whole scale production of assortments of Brick Products.

In 1995, the Factory in Minna, Niger State, was fully refurbished, after which full scale operations began. 10years later in 2005, the Company acquired a second Factory in Funtua Katsina State.



[toggle title=”RAW MATERIALS”]

  • Shelter Clay produces its fine Bricks using basic raw materials sourced locally from pits right within the Factory’s ‘Backyard’.
  • The raw materials used for Production are primarily CLAY and WATER, obtained directly from source without any importation of additional raw materials whatsoever.

[toggle title=”PRODUCTION CAPACITY”]

  • Both Factories have the capacity to produce large quantities of Brick products thanks to mechanized production processes.
  • Annual capacity of Brick products is approximately 60,000tones, 20million NF Standard Bricks, equivalent of 58,000 BPD (bricks per day).

[toggle title=”ENERGY VALUE CHAIN”]

  • Because of their large Production capacity the Factories consume LPFO or ‘Black Oil’, as a direct result production of such oil products increase, contributing to a larger value chain addition.
  • The Minna Factory has two Kilns that burn at 900 Celcius, and use roughly 60,000litres of LPFO (‘Black Oil’) weekly.

[toggle title=”MORE VALUE ADDITION”]

  • The Funtua Factory was acquired in 2005 and has even larger Production Capacity than its counterpart in Minna.
  • The Factory has capacity to produce 75,000tones of burnt Clay products, and 30million NF Standard Bricks.


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